Start of a New Journey...

Start of a New Journey...

Before I Begin…

Bein my first blog post, I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me to write, especially Nikhil Badugu, Gautam Sharma and Sakshi Pande. It would have been difficult for me to gather the courage and motivation to start blogging without these awesome guys! So thank you for pushing me 😃

What this journey is about?

I am starting this blog to primariy share my knowledge, which I gather when tinkering with Linux and Open-source! I will blog straight from development environment setups to optimizing low-level matrix multiplications using AVX! Being an avid researcher in the field of Machine Learning, I will also blog about my findings in this domain, although such posts are more targeted towards advanced readers.

So brace yourself guys, This is going to be

LEGEN… wait for it… DARY!


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