List of open-source projects which I own or contribute to:


Rate limiting middleware framework for actix-web. This crate provides an asynchronous and concurrent rate limiting middleware based on actor
model which can be wraped around an Actix application. Middleware contains a store which is used to
identify client request.

Automatic Speech Recognition

End-to-end automatic speech recognition system implemented in TensorFlow. This is a powerful library for automatic speech recognition, it is implemented in TensorFlow and support training with CPU/GPU. This library several models you can choose from or train your own model.


MARS CITY is a system of systems, and a key enabler for Mars exploration. It will serve as a state-of-the art test bed for international researchers working on the five showstoppers for Mars exploration.
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A library that abstracts over SIMD instruction sets, including ones with differing widths. SIMDeez is designed to allow you to write a function one time and produce SSE2, SSE41, and AVX2 versions of the function. You can either have the version you want chosen at compile time or automatically at runtime.


Consumer Buying pattern Analysis and Sales Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence. This project is a sales forecasting system which will forecast sales of products based on time-series data and product features. The underlying algorithm is based on multi-layered Artificial Neural Networks.


Command line file manager in Rust with VIM-inspired keybindings.


Shigoto is a command line task management utility. It heavily draws inspiration from task-warrior.


Configuration settings(.files) for productivity. Only Unix-based platforms are supported.


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